Is living in The Villages affordable?

Friends wondering how much is costs to live here… send them this LINK

Monthly amenity fee of just $159.00 includes:

  • Free golf on all of our executive courses*
  • Swimming, tennis, pickleball, bocce & many more facilities all conveniently located throughout the community
  • Over 2,000 organized activities every week through 
  • Sports pools
  • Fishing lakes, waterfront parks & fitness trails
  • 24-hour community watch service

Average monthly costs for Villagers:

  • $159.00 Contractual Amenities Fee (See Above)
  • 60.00 Sewer
  • 31.00 Water
  • 148.00 Average Gas / Electric
  • 19.00 Trash Collection
  • 60.00 Basic Cable Television
  • 100.00 Insurance
  • 239.17 Average Taxes
  • 191.00 Development District Assessment

$1,007.17 Total Per Month*

* A trail fee does apply if you wish to use your golf car on the trails of the executive courses. Please understand that all prices reflected or estimated in printed material are subject to change without notice of obligation.

The estimated monthly cost of living in The Villages community is based on a $250,000 home with homestead exemption.

Monthly costs will vary considerably depending on the size of a home and its usage as well as type and size of the homesite it occupies.


If you friends and family are wondering how much is costs to live here… send them this LINK and print the PDF print out