3 Ways to Keep your Sprinklers working, and Your lawn looking Great!

Pink Flamingo Irrigation – The Story

About 15 years ago, I installed my own sprinkler system, while living in Tampa Florida. I wanted to better understand how to take care of my own lawn, and make it beautiful.

More and more of my neighbors would stop by in their golf carts wanting to know how did I get my yard so green? There are some keys to having a successful lawn (in Florida), and it’s not hard, but it needs to be done right.

(3) Keys to get your sprinklers working properly

  1. Keep the Sprinkler heads and donut area clean and clear from grass and overgrowth
  2. Make sure the donut ring sits above the sprinkler head (when not in use). Otherwise the lawn mower will run it over and move or break the head.
  3. Set the timer so your grass is getting the right amount of water at the right time of day.

I found a lot of the ladies (and men) living alone were taken advantage as they did not know how to take care of their lawns. I felt a strong desire to help those Villagers who needed some TLC in the area of irrigation.

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To get more information on how to use your Hunter System, (copy of Owner’s manual) http://www.thevillageswaterwisdom.com/hunter/

I have spent my whole life in public service, and I can tell you that what is important in most Villagers, are people you can trust, be dependable and honest, to make sure the service they are providing is the service you need.

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