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Villager Coupons

Every business has a beginning, and the Villager Coupons story started because Randy Friedman, with her media and marketing background, and Linda Webb with her law enforcement safety background, saw there was a way to help their Villages friends save money and stay safe.

Randy saw that Villagers desperately wanted but couldn’t find coupons anywhere… Easy to find Coupons to save money whenever possible. So, she put her marketing cap on and found a way to promote good local vendors while creating an easy way for Villagers to find coupons and SAVE MONEY.


Linda Webb, a retired police officer, witnessed Villagers being taken advantage of by unscrupulous businesses and in-home health care aids. Linda has a passion for fighting crime and protecting all victims, so Linda created as part of Villager Coupon a business directory that Villagers could easily reference, when looking for a credible local business to service Villager needs. www.villagebusiness.com


All Villagers want (3) things

  1. Good Products
  2. Great Customer Service
  3. Getting Value with Easy to Find Coupons!


We think you'll find the Villager Coupon website to provide easy access to coupons, a great business directory, informative while providing consumer education, a place to find qualified A+ Health Care Providers and Health Care Agencies and a place to save some money.

Florida’s Friendless Hometown is an amazing community and atmosphere made up of family, friends, and delightful neighbors.


Villagers love Coupons, and saving money! It's now EASY to get amazing deals and coupons while driving around in your golf cart. All you will need is to pull the coupon up on your cell phone, or print the coupon, and show it to the business. We are a one-stop resource for all your Villages Coupons.

If you need to find a business, we now have an easy resource listing for local Village Business Vendors. Our Business Directory is quick, simple, and easy to reference,


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Meet the Team

linda webb


Linda Webb has dedicated her life to civil service, law enforcement, risk management and fighting fraud for over 35 years.


As a Police Officer in the Tampa area, her law enforcement career involved patrol, morals unit, selective enforcement unit (working vice), police motorcyclist, dive rescue, detective, and master academy instructor (teaching ethics and professionalism). Linda taught over 20 officer courses and designed nationally recognized ‘train-the-trainer’ programs being used today.


As a National Director for Risk Management, Linda supervised over 120 risk management specialists, loss consultants, and investigators. Having responsibility and oversight in billions of dollars in risk, including the risk management and carrier oversight of TPA Claims Management, Safety Training, Loss Control and Investigations. She worked closely with internal general counsel, attorney’s, compliance and C-level executives. Her expertise has helped many organizations identify gaps, and vulnerabilities in their operations mitigating millions of dollars in potential exposure. She is well versed in handling high profile media events involving negligence, and corruption.


Linda investigated and supervised some of the largest fraud cases globally, involving millions of dollars in elaborate fraud schemes, organized crime rings, insurance fraud, and potential terrorist threats that have been highlighted by many national investigative news media. In addition to being a highly sought-after fraud expert and speaker, Linda consults for crime drama shows.


As a fraud-fighting leader, Linda was Assistant VP of AIG’s Global Fraud Unit, and private contractor for the federal government, fighting Medicare fraud.

As President of a nationwide fraud investigative company, she managed over 110 personnel. A pioneer of justice, her trademarked name The Fraud Dog is a defender for all ages, that are taken advantage of.


Linda is a defender for justice, and co-founded Villages Safe and Secure to help protect your home and online needs making sure your home, and online functions are secured from predators, fraudsters, and other criminals. She helps make sure your important documents, online banking functions and other financial measures like credit cards, and medical bills are accurate, protected, and secured.


Linda loves The Villages lifestyle, playing Pickleball, Golf and lots of card games with friends. She lives in the Village of Bonita.

Randy friedman


As a communications and marketing major Randy brings to Villager Coupons her passion to help all Villagers find great savings in and around The Villages. She grew up in the age of saving money means you'll have it later on, and coupons were an important part of the shopping experience. With today’s new technology she knew putting coupons in a place everyone could find, was key.


Her Background

As an LPGA Teaching Professional, passionate athlete, and Mental Coach, Randy has taught, coached, and mentored top amateur and professional athletes as well as CEO Executives. She has been a top executive for a major corporation in public relations, and understands the importance of maintaining a positive image, and respect in the community.


Randy has published two motivational books that are being used in communities and corporations globally. She is a nationally recognized speaker. Her global initiatives have made a big impact in bringing communities and companies together.


She is one of the founders of the RITE Academy making pivotal change in bringing together community and law enforcement after teaching to over 450 public safety entities.


Randy Friedman loves living in The Villages, and enjoys playing lot of sports including:

  • Pickleball
  • Golf
  • Card games
  • and participating in tons of activities this wonderful community has to offer


Her parents live in The Villages as well, and she knows first-hand the importance of helping aging Villagers stay healthy and save money along the way.